Join our team

Join our team  

Icebreaker is a 20M€ venture capital fund and community. 

We are on a mission to help build strong tech companies. If you feel compelled to our mission, you might just be the right person to join our team at!

Where are we now?

We launched in early 2017 and as of to date, we have built a community of hundreds of Founders and Pre-Founders, and invested in 25 strong tech companies. 

Many of these companies are well on their way to becoming strong tech companies. These companies are solving difficult problems and they have developed superior products that the markets are craving for. As a result, the revenue of these companies is growing fast and they are raising millions of euros from the best VCs around the world.

Now it's time to take our team to the next level. Check out the open positions below and apply today.

Who are we?

At the moment we are a team of eight. 

Our founders are Lasse, Aleksi, Riku and Teddie. Our background is from strong tech companies and venture capital. We have strengthen our team with Elina, Rasmus, Sophia and Tiitus, our artist in residence who spends his days at our office creating art and cool paintings. Finally, we have Mikko-Jussi as our Chairman of the Board who comes to stop by at our office every now and then.

What is it like to work with us?

Amazing. Check out the open positions below and apply today.

Open positions

Head of Marketing

We launched in early 2017 and after one and a half years we can see that our team and the community delivers great results. Now it’s time to tell the people about it.

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Lead Developer

We build software solutions that help Founders and Pre-Founders to start, build or join strong tech companies. We also focus on automating our work and working with startup data. We're looking for a full-stack developer that is not afraid to learn new things and can move fast. If you've developed web products, are interested in data science and want to build a team, get in touch!

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Production & Content Manager

We organize cool events, such as Pre-Founder Project and Tech Research Showcase, just to name a few. The purpose is to facilitate learning, networking and inspiration among our community members. In addition we produce materials and content that help build strong tech companies. Now it's time to take the operations to the next level.

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Content Production Intern

Are you passionate about producing both visual content and inspiring text? Does technology make you tick? You might be the Content Production Intern we're looking for.

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