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Software Developer was created because we noticed that there are a lot of great individuals, teams and technology out there where their full potential is not being realized. We bring a community, capital and knowledge to the mix to create strong tech companies and support society to adapt to technology in a positive way.

We build and invest in strong tech companies and build tools to support this. We have our own community platform and data pipeline. As a software developer you'll be responsible for the future development of our platform and take part of building our data solutions. You'll also be part of our 700+ strong community and get to regularly meet with our 25+ portfolio companies that are building strong deep tech software-driven companies. 

Job description

We run heavily on software to ease communication and bring our community together. In addition, we do interesting work in the field of data engineering.

There's a lot of information out there about the next strong tech companies. We have over 30 data sources for these companies. We bring this data together and extract and match to other data to find the best opportunities out there. This all flows automatically or by humans to our decision-making process. We want to constantly improve this data gathering and decision making machine. 

Our community platform is built on Node.js and Vue.js. It's sort of like a private linkedin, aimed at matching people with each other. There's a lot of development work to be made on this side. We want to let people find the best opportunities for them fast and connect with people that can help them realize their full potential. And make new friends!

As a software developer, you will be working on these tools and get to take resonsibility for their development. 

Our current tools are built with Node, Vue and MongoDB. 

We are expecting from you

  • Solid background in developing awesome software solutions and web applications.
  • Interest in data science.
  • Great communication skills in English. Finnish and/or Swedish is a plus.
  • Genuine interest in helping strong tech companies.
  • Good team working & social skills.

We are offing you

  • An interesting and rewarding job with cool colleagues and innovative startup companies.
  • A clear ownership of the KPIs and a chance to build something that makes a big impact.
  • Resources you need and a team of your choice.
  • An opportunity for personal development and learning.
  • Excellent networking opportunities.
  • Competitive salary and a generous upside by ownership.

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