Go serverless with confidence

HQ: Tallinn, Estonia

Founded: Q1/2018

Invested in: Q2/2018

Founders: Taavi Rehemägi, Mikk Kirstein 

Keywords: Application Performance Management, Developer Tools, SaaS

Website: dashbird.io


Worldwide IT spending is somewhere north of $3.7 trillion annually. While there are many companies that benefit from this spend, this number also represents a burden for many companies’ budgets. For companies that rely heavily on servers, they may be able to experience significant savings by switching to a serverless, or cloud-based, provider such as Amazon Web Services (AWS). Of course, serverless frameworks have their own challenges.

When companies go serverless, it becomes increasingly more complicated and more important to monitor, debug and optimize these operations. Dashbird, an Estonian startup, was founded to address these challenges. With Dashbird’s product, companies can get real-time visibility, failure-detection and alerting and troubleshooting for their serverless framework.

Dashbird’s product works with AWS Lambda, Amazon API Gateway and AWS X-Ray. They offer free, professional and unlimited pricing plans, but companies will see no change to their AWS bill by adding Dashbird’s service. In just a year, Dashbird gained ten times more paying customers – an amount that continues to grow each month. They also have thousands of free users.

Dashbird was started by Taavi Rehemägi, CEO and co-founder, and Mikk Kirstein, CTO and co-founder. Both have more than 10 years’ experience as developers. Taavi has been an early employee at a number of big-name startups and has led product and developer teams. Mikk worked on self-driving robots at Starship Technologies before joining Dashbird. They have pulled together a team of talented, experienced and passionate developers and startup veterans to drive help Dashbird’s vision forward. Dashbird is a globally distributed and fully remote company, so the team is a mix of Estonians and other nationalities.

Venture capital financing has helped the team get feedback and business ideas from some of the most experienced investors and entrepreneurs in the world. It has helped them avoid mistakes and think through future product and growth decisions

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