Artificial intelligence in medical imaging

HQ: Helsinki, Finland

Founded: Q3/2017

Invested in: Q4/2017

Founders: Mahmudul Hasan, Jarkko Niemelä, Aleksi Nurmi, Saad Akram

Keywords: AI, medical imaging, deep-learning

MVision on the media 

Cision PR: Finnish AI Software Improves Cancer Patient Care

The potential of artificial intelligence in medical imagery

With worldwide cancer cases currently numbering at 14 million per year, this statistic is expected to increase to 22 million by the next decade. 50% of all cancer cases are treated with radiotherapy.

Radiotherapy involves intense treatment planning, including organ contouring. This is when a clinician identifies the structures which need to be irradiated or protected during the tumor treatment. However, traditional contouring can be a very time-consuming process. MVision has taken on the challenge to simplify it, and are on a mission to automate manual tasks and drawings in radiotherapy with their state-of-the-art AI technology.

Using AI deep-learning based solutions, MVision is building a product which can carry out these contouring drawings automatically in seconds, instead of hours. Ultimately, this technology promises to reduce radiotherapy treatment planning by up to 40%.

Founder Mahmudal Hasan is confident in the potential of artificial intelligence in medical imagery and has future plans to make the best clinical data available for developing countries. The notion of democratizing medical knowledge using new technologies is exciting and promising.

The company plans to direct the product towards prostate cancer, before moving to focus on cancer in other areas of the body. No matter what the trends in various cancers between developing and first-world countries, Hasan aims to provide the same level of treatment expertise to all patients.

This rests on a principle of “collective knowledge,” which is possible once every hospital is connected to the cloud where MVision runs their artificial intelligence model. This model is trained by information and learning data collected from Finland and other developed countries. “Nothing in this scale has been done before,” Hasan affirms.

MVision's product is already CE (Conformité Européenne) marked and helping to treat patients in Finland. Now MVision is starting to expand to other countries in the EU, and on a larger scale, to Japan and the USA.

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