Say goodbye to spreadsheets and hello to an easy to manage budget

HQ: Tallin, Estonia

Founded: Q3/2016

Invested in: Q3/2017

Founders: Kirill Borissov, Jefim Borissov, Andrei Bernovski

Keywords: SaaS, marketing, customer success, budgeting


Taking the guessing game out of the budgeting process

It's often said that the best business ideas come from the biggest pain points in a company's day-to-day work.

Take project budgeting, for example. It’s one of those necessary evils in the business world. Businesses won’t stay viable without it, but budgeting done poorly can result in an unnecessary waste of time and resources. If companies are stuck working in archaic spreadsheets, there are sure to be even more errors and confusion. How can companies get it right?

Price&Cost aims to take the guessing game out of the budgeting process and make it easy and efficient for companies to plan, track and continuously improve all financial aspects of their projects. The company’s software has a simple user interface that helps businesses:

  • Estimate project financials – including budget, costs and profit estimation – extremely fast

  • Simulate different options and choose the most financially sound choice

  • Sync budgets with time-tracking so you can identify projects in need of attention

  • Adjust forecasts as needed

The software integrates seamlessly with many popular time-tracking and project and team scheduling applications.

The company believes that professional services organizations deserve better tools for managing project financials than bloated ERP systems and clunky spreadsheets. Price&Cost’s innovative software helps companies improve cost-efficiency and profitability and ensure their important projects are on a path of financial success from the beginning.

The Estonian company was founded in 2016 by Andrei Bernovski, co-founder and CEO, and the Borrisov Brothers, Kirill (CCO) and Jefim (CTO). The founders combine decades of knowledge and experience from all sort of areas including project management, consulting, operations, development, marketing, design, and UX. Even in their corporate days, their entrepreneurial mindset set them apart as they were constantly problem solving and looking for better ways to accomplish tasks.

Venture capital funding from Icebreaker was the logical step as Price&Cost continues to grow in its mission of helping companies manage projects more efficiently.

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