Sense of Space

Sense of Space's technology will make creating 3D content for VR and AR significantly easier.

HQ: Helsinki, Finland

Founded: Q4/2018

Invested in: Q1/2019

Founders: Victor Pardinho and Raquel Cardoso

Keywords: VR, AR, Mixed Reality, 3D, Video Games

Creating 3D content for VR and AR

According to one estimate by BCC Research, the virtual reality technology market will be growing to $40bn by 2022. For VR, AR and MR, life-like and realistic characters are becoming increasingly important for a genuine experience in this new, up-and-coming medium. 

Usually, VR characters are either programmatically created, which leads to characters that are not that life-like. The other option is that VR characters are first captured with motion capture suits and then have a visual layer added on top – like in the creation of the film Avatar. This process is very time-consuming and expensive.

An upcoming technique is volumetric capture studios, where a person is filmed in 3D and can then be used as a 3D capture in VR. The limitation of this approach so far has been that you only get what you film and cannot make any changes to how the character moves. You are fixed to what you have planned.

This is where the founders of Sense of Space have come in to fill that gap in the market. They are creating the algorithms and tooling that makes it possible to interact with these real characters that have been captured with volumetric video in 3D. The goal is that any person that is captured in 3D can then be used as a realistic character in a video or game. The primary platforms are Unity and Unreal Engine.

Victor Pardinho and Raquel Cardoso are the two founders of Sense of Space. Victor is a developer, artist and researcher. He wrote his PhD at Aalto, studying the creation of virtual characters directly from 3D footage. Victor has worked with several studios, companies and research institutes - such as the Fraunhofer Institute in Berlin and Nokia - creating Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality projects. Raquel is a user experience researcher and designer with a background in media and video. 

The Sense of Space technology will make creating 3D content for VR and AR significantly easier. As VR and AR proliferate, the tools for creating the content are becoming a large industry. Sense of Space can become a front-runner in this field with their future products and an important part of creating Virtual, Augmented or Mixed Reality experiences.

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