Creating a platform to onboard, support and engage your employees with ease

HQ: Stockholm, Sweden

Founded: Q3/2016

Invested in: Q3/2019

Founders: Vedran Ismail, Tommy Engström, Fred Abrahamson

Keywords: Human Resources, SaaS, Software


Simplifying employee onboarding and offboarding

Typelane (formerly Hi Henry) has built a platform to simplify employee onboarding and offboarding flows, changing the way we welcome and say goodbye to our employees. With focus on smart workflows, intuitive design and personalisation, Typelane transforms what was once a manual and complex process into an easy and engaging one. Typelane was founded in Sweden in 2016 with their headquarters located in Stockholm and now boasts customers all over the globe. Icebreaker is excited to invest in Typelane, co-investing with Almi Invest, and existing investors — money that will go to expanding the company with additional employees, and also to further develop the product.  

With the money raised we can really level up. Every month our customer base grows around 20% and we have an amazing client list. Our product is versatile and can help both smaller companies and larger international corporations to improve their employee relations, says Vedran Ismaili, CEO of Typelane.

Traditional HR software isn’t built for today’s modern employee, manager and organisation. The main focus has been on employee administration, while the whole onboarding and offboarding vertical has been left out of focus. It’s clear that a new approach is needed, as the market has shifted towards more technology driven solutions. The current way of onboarding and offboarding new talent is extremely tedious, manual and complex, and companies are failing. Companies even lack a thought through process when it comes to onboarding and offboarding: according to Deloitte’s report, 87% of companies in the UK lack a digital onboarding process. Also, over 25% of all employee turnover occurs during the first year of employment, and the cost of a new hire can be as much as around 30 000 USD. 

Employee engagement software solutions, like Typelane, are adopted by the ICT sector for enhancing the organizations’ overall productivity. The platform is favored by many and used by companies such as Volvo, Veolia, Fortnox, NA-KD and Quickspin. Traditionally, an onboarding process is handled manually — which is time consuming and hard to streamline within the organisation. Typelane focuses on the employee’s personal experience and collect all important human relation matters in one easy-to-use platform.

The founder & CEO, Vedran Ismaili, is a straight forward sales & operations person with a background from management consulting and investment banking. Before founding Typelane, Vedran worked as a Strategist at Seventy Agency, one of the fastest growing marketing and advertising consultancies in the Nordics. The co-founder & CTO Tommy Engström holds a degree in Computer Science from Uppsala University, and has been working as an AI engineer & Software Developer at, for example, Dooer, which is a Swedish FinTech company that have raised around $5m since 2015. The third co-founder, Fred Abrahamson, has over 7 years of experience from UI/UX Design, and is a great completion to the tech and sales-driven team.

Our vision is to build a product that helps companies make their onboarding and offboarding both automatic and more personal. This in order to build closer relations between the company and the employee. It’s important to give every new recruit a thorough introduction — both of the position itself and the company as a whole. Both ahead of their first day but also when they’ve been with the company for some time. Using our platform is not a way to dismantle existing human relations, rather to improve them. We want employees to feel like they are an important part of the company — from the point where they sign the contract until the day they choose to move on to something new, says Vedran Ismaili.

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