Roundtable with Max Pecherskyi from Promo Republic: SME sales process

Location: Online

Date: Jun 15, 2017

Time: 16:00-17:00 (EEST)

Place: Online (via Zoom, it's like Skype but better)

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Put that coffee down! Max from Promo Republic is here to tell you how to tune your sales process for SMEs after closing thousands of accounts himself. Strictly for closers only.


The Icebreaker online roundtables are theme-specific, 60min discussions aiming to provide practical insights, best practices, dos and don’ts etc. All the roundtables have at least one Co-host who is an expert of the chosen theme.


In this roundtable we are discussing about SME sales process. There is no more important task to a founder than selling, getting new customers, increasing user base and eventually revenue. How to create hot leads? How to overcome that famous phone fear? How to build a scalable and efficient sales process? How to maximize the opportunities of online sales?


Max is a passionate SaaS entrepreneur whose mission is to connect professionals, SaaS companies, and startup hubs to help them form long-term relationships and sustainable win-win partnerships.

Prior to co-founding PromoRepublic, Max worked in marketing agencies for 10 years, and was responsible for business development, digital marketing, and sales. He co-founded the digital agency and acquired accounts like Kimberly Clark, Danone, Philips, Ferrero, Johnson&Johnson, Henkel to name a few.

Max splits his time between Kiev, Helsinki, and San Francisco.


(link works for members only, if you're not a member, apply here)

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