Icebreaker Fall 2018

We're on a mission to help build strong tech companies. This fall we will organize yet another set of amazing activities offering great people and teams opportunities to learn and get things done.

First things first

Our activities are mostly for our community members.

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Here's what's happening

Pre-founder Project

We're on a mission to help build strong tech companies. If this drives you, too, Pre-founder Project is a great way to get started. You can already have a raw version of your idea or you can just be in search of a great project to join. 💯

More about Pre-founder Project ››

Weekly workshops

A great way to learn is to take part in the action when strong tech companies are built. Every week we work with our portfolio companies and other strong ideas from our community. 👩‍💻 As a community member you can apply to join in these workshops and get to help these great companies. 

Check out the dates on our Events page ››

Friday Jam Sessions

Bi-weekly Friday afterworks bring together our new and old community members to have a few drinks, exchange ideas and have fun. 🎷🍹

Check out the dates on our Events page ››

Special Occasions

Of course, we do have bigger events that bring the community together – such as Tech Research Showcase, Community Day, Demo Day and many more. 

See all of them on our Events page ››

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