Pre-founder Project, Fall 2018

If you have over 5 years of solid work experience and want to build or join a strong tech company, keep reading.

We’re putting 50 bright and diverse pre-founders together for one weekend at an amazing offsite-mansion to learn and do work together on new startups with unique ideas and great teams. During the fall you will meet a couple of times more to keep developing each other's ideas further.

You will also get access to our resources and professional feedback from a team of experienced investors, entrepreneurs and other pre-founders. All this and a ton of fun while connecting with people in the process, completely free of charge!

You can apply as an individual or with a team. If you have an idea already, you will get the most out of this – but you can apply even without an idea.

After the weekend you can continue your journey at the Icebreaker Community – getting to know new people, learning how to build a strong tech company and having fun. If everything goes like in Strömsö, we invest €50k-350k in your idea and team.

Can't make it to the Pre-founder Weekend? No worries, you can still apply and participate in the other sessions throughout the fall!

Already organized three times before, Pre-founder Project has helped to establish startups, collaborations, and personal friendships. We have also invested in several companies born from PFP. You can find our investments here.

Who is this for?

The selected pre-founders have four things in common:

1. Still working at a day-job or have just left

2. 5+ years of relevant work experience

3. Great at what they do (e.g. coding, design, sales, marketing or other disciplines...)

4. Thinking about starting or joining a strong tech company

What do you get?

During the Pre-Founder Project you will:

1. Have fun while meeting new people and potential co-founders with diverse skillsets and experiences. 

2. Develop your or someone else’s idea and get closer to building something that people want.

3. Learn a lot about a startup’s first 12 months.

4. Raise €50K-350K of funding from us if everything goes like in Strömsö

Why Pre-Founder project?

Via Pre-founder Project you will get access to:

1. Experienced organizers with 100+ companies under their belts.

2. A strong community of hundreds of experts, just like you.

3. Meeting and getting insight from experienced investors and founders.

Icebreaker Pre-Founder Weekend

Sannäs Manor, Porvoo | Sep 21st–23rd

Time: Fri 21.9. – Sun 23.9.

Place: Sannäs Manor, Porvoo

Icebreaker Pre-founder Project kicks off with a bang. You will be surrounded by founders from our portfolio, who will join the workshop sessions with you and share their most recent insight. 

For someone hoping to go forward with their own idea or join a strong tech team, this is a perfect way to get started. 🚀 

Can't make it to the weekend? No worries, you can still apply and participate in the sessions throughout the fall.


You will be surrounded by a diverse group of pre-founders and founders with strong experience from different fields.


You will get feedback from founders with valuable experience, have a chance to exchange ideas with peers and get insight from the team. 


Sannäs Manor in Porvoo is in the midst of a magnificent nature, but not too far from the city. The venue is unique: it was constructed in 1837 by baron Axel Gustav Mellin.


All expenses are covered. 💸 Our accommodation includes breakfasts, lunches and dinners, and offers the possibility to use the gym and sauna opportunities. 

Sessions during the fall

After the Pre-Founder Weekend we will meet every couple of weeks to give you time to process things you have learned and take steps to get further with your project.




Is my idea any f#%!ing good?

There are many ways to found successful companies, but some ideas get a head start because they have a better founder-idea fit. But how can you evaluate if your idea is a good fit for you? After this session, you will know.




How to select co-founders and build great teams

The components of a great founding team might not be the usual suspects. In this session we will help you to get to know where to start with recruiting co-founders and aiming high with your founding team.




First customers and growth

At the beginning, you should try to find your key customers and develop your product based on their needs. But how do you move on to the next stage? How do you find a sales model that serves you? This session will give you some answers and ideas.




Investors & Fundraising

Raising funding in pre-seed and seed stages can be hard if you don't know the basics. That is why in this session we will answer a few basic questions – such as how, when, how much and from whom. 

Application period for Fall 2018 has ended.

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