10 Recommendations on getting started with AI by Antti Merilehto

People often ask me: "Where should I start if I want to learn about artificial intelligence? And the answer is always - it depends."

My journey to artificial intelligence and machine learning started when the good people at Slush asked me to moderate a discussion about AI. With a background in business, and as a non-developer, statistician or let alone having a formal education on algorithms, it guided me to study the topic from a business perspective. 

This has led me to my current path, ending up in writing a book about the topic: a travel guide to AI for business executives. The Finnish version has quickly become a bestseller (you can buy it here), and the English version will be out by November.

I was happy to help out when Icebreaker VC asked me to gather the most relevant resources on learning and understanding artificial intelligence right now. 

So without further ado, I will present the top 10 resources in the Spring of 2018!

1. Risto Siilasmaa on Machine Learning

I'm first one to say that I'm biased because I had a chance to listen to Risto regarding AI way before it became as hot topic as it is today. Great intro and doesn't require any technical knowledge. 


2.  AI - Learn with Google  

This is a set of learning tools from Google, a little more technical.

Check out here

3. Machine Learning course in Coursera by Andrew Ng

This on your way to hard core. More than 2 million people have signed up to this course.

Check out here

4.  Andreesen Horowitz - AI Playbook

Having a VC to talk to you what matters, you know it’s not going to be nitty gritty. Great resource!

Check out here

5. IBM Machine learning class - All tech giants have their courses

Big Blue has a new edition published recently. It has a certain charm.

Check out here

6. Jason's Machine Learning 101 

This is a living document by a Google engineer Jason Mayes. It requires two hours of solitude, book a meeting room and dive in.

Check out here

7. Wall Street Robots by Bloomberg

This is not a course, but a article by Bloomberg. One of  the better ones explaining what AI and ML are capable of.

Check out here

8. NVIDIA Deep Learning Course   

This is a classic MOOC, takes you about 8 hours. This and Andrew Ng’s ML course are the two that I haven’t gone through 100% but I can still recommend if this is your cup of tea.

Check out here

9. Stanford Natural Language Processing - YouTube Lecture on Natural Language Processing and Deep Learning 

Great authentic material, fun to watch. 


10. Tim Urban on AI (Wait But Why) 

If you want to have a glimpse to Artificial General Intelligence, Terminators and that stuff, here is a good one. Tim has published this also as a PDF, warmly recommended.

Written by Antti Merilehto

Antti is bestselling author, awarded speaker and Country Manager of Finch Finland. Right now he helps companies apply artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Buy his book on AI in Finnish here. The English version, AI Travel Guide for Executive, will be out in Q4 2018.

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