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Our mission is to help build strong tech companies, and you can see it looking at our portfolio: it consists of companies with interesting, new technology and talented teams. Now you have the chance to be a part of their stories.


Hoxhunt aims to protect organizations against social engineering based cyber attacks, by turning employee engagement into the strongest link in cybersecurity. Hoxhunt provides global threat monitoring for organizations through the plugin software HoxAi -  a fully automated service. More info on their website.

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Kodit.io is a PropTech startup and the leading iBuyer in the Europe providing instant offers for apartment owners. They have developed the world’s most accurate AI-powered real estate data platform and revolutionary service concept redefining how people sell and buy homes. They also recently raised 1.7M€. More info on their website.

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Logmore is building the world's thinnest, smartest fastest and easiest QR logger. 

They are looking for

  • Junior Sales representative (prospecting important clients, sales and marketing to B2B customers)

Contact Niko Polvinen, niko@logmore.fi.


Lumoa helps you understand what drives your customer experience and find out the trends behind your scores. No more guessing, learn exactly why your customers are happy or unhappy, improve your services and gain high reputation. More info on their website.

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Roadcloud works in the field of autonomous driving. They use dedicated hardware installed into carefully selected fleets of vehicles to collect data that matters. The data is refined into information products providing unique opportunities for our customers and fleet partners. More info on their website.

They are looking for

  • HW design expert (NIR spectroscopy, integration of electronics, optics and mechanics, sourcing, scaling of production)
  • SW backend programmer (GIS, python, AWS)
  • Data-analyst (GIS, business intelligence SW, visually attractive data illustrations)
  • Head of Marketing (branding, marketing strategy and implementation for various target groups, mainly B2B)

Interested? Contact Ari Tuononen, ari@roadcloud.fi or +358 50 5604 702.


Sellforte is a retail data science startup building the most advanced retail marketing and promotion solution in the world. More info on their website.

They are looking for


WhaleLend is building programmatic investment products specifically tailored for cryptocurrencies. They have a model for earning a passive interest income on your crypto holding, irrespective of the price movement of the cryptocurrency itself. More info on their website.

They are looking for

  • Crypto Marketing Intern (Producing both text and visual content, managing social media and community, supporting with performance marketing)

You can apply for this position here.






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