Tech Research Showcase 2019

Many great startups have a special secret ingredient: they are based on research. This gives them a strong competitive edge compared to other players in the field. We have organized Tech Research Showcase to help more research projects turn into successful tech companies. And one way to support that is to bring together researchers and potential team members with complementary skill sets.

Tomorrow we will be holding the Tech Research Showcase 2019 at the University of Helsinki, Terkko Health Hub. This year we have 10 great researchers from different disciplines as well as different universities around Finland (researchers from Aalto University, the University of Helsinki and Lappeenranta University of Technology), all of whom are individual researchers trying to revolutionise or bring something new to their own respective fields. The researchers will get to present their research to an audience of over 100 high-performing and experienced industry and functional experts. After the presentations, there is plenty of time for networking.

Last year, we heard from 13 great research teams at the event and ended up investing in two of them.

So please, come listen to some of the ways these researchers are using their expertise to try and break into the world of tech-startups!

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