Three Estonian startups have joined our band of investments


Right now startup folks are gathering to Tallinn for Latitude59, and we sure can understand why. The Estonian tech scene is vivid, talent is world-class and new startups are seeding from success stories such as Pipedrive.

This is not just pretty talk: we have actually put some money in the game. Our three Estonian investments – or band members, as we like to call them – are Price&Cost, Dashbird and Qualitista

Via these investments we have also had the pleasure to work with other great VC's, such as Passion Capital, who led the Dashbird Seed round. Passion Capital is a London-based $69 million fund focusing on early stage tech and digital companies.

It has been amazing to find such qualified teams and ideas and be a part of helping them out on their journey. To know more about these companies, check the links below.


Price&Cost is leveraging this growing demand for simple to use and well integrated project management solutions.

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The Dashbird team is solving the problem of monitoring and debugging fixes by developing serverless architectures to build more scalable and cheap back-end applications.  



This team is building machine learning solution to X-Ray large masses of customer interactions to help companies give meaningful answers to their customers. 

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