Pre-founder Weekend Spring 2019

The perfect place to start a company or join an early-stage team

Looking to start a company or join an early-stage team? Keep reading and mark your calendar.

📅 17.–19.5.2019
📍 Maria 01, Helsinki

Pre-founder Project is a weekend-long program focused on idea iteration and the first 12 months of a startup. You can apply as an individual or as a team. If you already have an idea, great – if not, you can search for an idea-stage team to join.

What's in it for you?

You will get access to our resources and professional feedback from a team of experienced investors, entrepreneurs and other pre-founders. All this and a ton of fun while connecting with people in the process, completely free of charge!

After the weekend you can continue your journey at the Icebreaker Community, getting to know new people and learning how to build a strong tech company. 

To put it short, Pre-founder Project offers the opportunity to 

🤔 learn a lot of a startup's first 12 months
👥 find co-founders
🔄 get feedback on your idea and improve it (if you have an idea already)
👋 get access to the 600+ professionals in the Icebreaker Community 
🤝 find potential clients or collaborators 
💰 get an investment from us

Who can apply?

  • People with 5+ years of relevant experience (work, intense hobby, other expertise)
  • People who want to start or join strong tech companies
  • People looking to test and improve their business idea in a safe environment

Previous experience in tech and/or startups is not necessary.

Experiences from previous years


We have organized the Pre-founder Project four times already and listened to the feedback carefully. We have used that experience and improvement ideas to hone the experience to something we believe everyone will come to enjoy (and of course, learn from).




Getting to know each other & networking

We want to offer a welcoming and warm environment for all, and that's why we have dedicated Friday evening for you getting to know each other. We have prepared a dinner for Pre-founder Project participants and after that, you can continue networking at our Super Jam event with other community members.




Idea assessment & elements of a great team

Saturday will start with the classic Icebreaker idea validation process. Every great startup has had to go through this process. If your idea isn't any good; why bother? That's why on the first day we want to give you a wrong foundation to work on and provide you with some goals to work towards. 




A startup’s first 12 months

Our portfolio has grown to 30 exceptional tech startups. And with great startups come great individuals, some of whom will join us on this weekend as guest speakers. They will discuss their hardships and their experiences of the first 12 months of their startups; helping you to understand the common mishaps, the greatest practices, and will help you understand the processes every startup has to go through.

We are no longer accepting applications.

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