Icebreaker Pre-Founder Project, Spring 2018

If you’re thinking about building or joining a strong startup, keep reading 

Last year multiple startups, collaborations, and even personal friendships were established through our community. We also invested in 17 incredible teams. Now we are looking for more Pre-Founders who want to start or join a strong tech company. 

It doesn't matter if you don't have a team or idea already. During the next few weeks the participants will meet at afterwork sessions to learn and do work together on new startups with unique ideas and great teams. You will also get access to our resources and professional feedback from a team of experienced investors, entrepreneurs and other Pre-Founders. All this and a ton of fun while connecting with people in the process, completely free of charge.

Who is this for?

The selected Pre-Founders have 3 things in common:

  • They're thinking about building or joining a strong startup
  • They are still working at a day-job or have just left
  • They got over five years of relevant work experience, and they are able to show that they are great at what they do

What's in it for you?

During the Pre-Founder Project you will:

  • Learn a lot of a tech startup’s first 12 months; from the idea to series-A (see the agenda & content below 👇)
  • Have fun while connecting with people with diverse skills and backgrounds
  • Even raise up to €350k of funding from us – we can back you already at the idea stage 

Agenda & Content

Introduction coffees: The Icebreaker team & You  

Mon 16.4 – Thu 26.4 Helsinki, Kamppi

Let's grab a coffee together and get to know each other ☕️ We'll have an introduction meeting separately with each participant of the Pre-Founder Project. The exact date and time of the meeting will be set once we find an open slot from your calendar.   


Is my idea any f#%!ng good? Feat. Nora Rosendahl & Lennu Keinänen

Thu 26.4 at 16:30–19:00 Helsinki, Kamppi 

In the first workshop we talk about ideas, founder-idea fit, and more. We'll also have Nora Rosendahl and Lennu Keinänen joining us to share their exciting founder stories and learnings. Nora worked several years at McKinsey before she became the founder of YOU-App. Lennu founded Paytrail in 2007 and NETS acquired the company in 2012. Currently Lennu is the CEO and Co-Founder of Flashnode. Complimentary dinner included 🍝 🍰 🎷


Future of AI by Antti Merilehto

Watch-read-listen at home 📺 📰 🎧

While we're waiting for the HBO's Westworld Season 2 to start, we can learn more about AI, and the future of it. Antti Merilehto, the author of Tekoäly – matkaopas johtajalle, shares his list of best AI resources: books, articles, videos etc. Enjoy!


Lottery lunch 🍴

Fri 27.4 at 11:30 Helsinki

You'll get an email introducing you to two randomly chosen, awesome people from the Icebreaker community. You can then organise the exact location and time for your lunch. What a better way to randomly meet interesting people and get more out of your lunch hour! You need to pay your own food – so it's not a free lunch.


How to choose your co-founders and build great teams? Feat. Yichen Wu

Thu 3.5 at 16:30-19:00 Helsinki, Kamppi 

We'll talk about how to create winning teams from scratch. We also have Yichen Wu, Founder of WhaleLend and EntoCube joining us to share his stories from the team-building phase. We also workshop a concrete plan for your team-building. Tasty afternoon snack included 🌮


Making an impact and building the societies of the future 

Watch-read-listen at home 📺 📰 🎧

We interview Annu Nieminen, the founder of The Upright Project, a company and movement measuring and quantifying the net impact of companies. We also share a list of insightful resources (videos, books, articles, podcasts etc) focusing on practical and philosophical thinking about the societies of the future. 


Build something that people want. Feat. Roope Heinilä 

Wed 23.5 at 16:30-19:00 Helsinki, Kamppi

We'll talk about product development in the early stage and set concrete product-market fit targets for your venture. We'll also have Roope Heinilä sharing his founder experiences. Roope is the Founder of Smarp, a fast-growing SaaS startup having large international companies and users all around the world.


Lottery lunch 🍴

Fri 25.5 at 11:30 Helsinki

You'll get an email introducing you to two awesome people from the Icebreaker community. You can then organise the exact location and time for your lunch. What a better way to randomly meet interesting people and get more out of your lunch hour! And just to be clear: everyone is responsible for their own lunch expenses.


First customers and growth

Thu 7.6 at 15:30-18:30 Helsinki, Kamppi

Working with sales, marketing and customers – ringing the closing bell 🔔We works workshop your business and sales model. 

After the workshop we'll talk about b2b sales & marketing with dozens of founders and sales & marketing pros – while enjoying great food. We'll also have experienced founders; Pietari Suvanto (, Markus Hakala (Mirum) and Olli Nokso-Koivisto (LeadDesk) joining us and sharing their learnings from the fastest growing companies. 


Investors and fundraising 

Thu 14.6 at 16:00-19:00 Helsinki, Kamppi 

We'll talk about raising capital in early stage: how, when, how much and from whom. We'll also workshop your fundraising materials and investor pitch. Guest speakers include investors from a couple of TBC VCs. If the weather is nice, we'll have the session outside 🌤😎

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